Spanish Early Music Workshop

choral training in eco-friendly environment
County Donegal-Ulster

23th-24th-25th October 2021

Clara M. Costa
Juan F. Ballesteros

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The Spanish Golden Age nourished the music scene of southern Europe with excellent music. Great composers, organists, and singers emerged at the dawn of the 16th century.

Although this sociological conquest of music had its decline, the legacy that we have left of that music is absolutely a treasure that has made us understand the importance of sound art in the social evolution of the Western world.

Through this layer of thought, we want to offer a vision – perhaps expository – of the value of Spanish medieval and Renaissance music in an experiential course where the sung music is a value to delve into the beauty of sound and poetry.

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Clara M. Costa

Juan F. Ballesteros

Musicologist, music teacher and piano accompanist.

She was born in Ibiza where she began her musical education at the Professional Music School. When she earned the title of Professional Piano Teacher.

Choirmaster and orchestra conductor, vocal coach and music producer.

With more than 30 years of experience as a choir director and trainer. Specialist in didactics of rehearsal and tuning applied to vocal ancient music.


Madra Rua – Organic Accommodation

Located along the Wild Atlantic Way and overlooking the Trawbreaga Bay and the Isle of Doagh, Madra Rua is the perfect place to set up your base camp to explore the delights of the Inishowen peninsula and its wild scenic coastline, part of the North West Region of Ireland, the most northerly area in the country.

Madra Rua
is another way of saying Sionnach (fox in Irish language) what recalls the original name of our townland of Ráth Sionnaigh (Rashenny) which means The Fox Fort.

The rooms available for the workshop students will be assigned in order of registration.


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